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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Our 3R framework allows us to keep an active level of engagement with our partners throughout our partnership. This is crucial to ensure the following:

A. For our Producer/ Manufacturer Partner

This framework allows them to access real-time data on what kind of market entry strategies will best work for their products. This allows optimum sharing and market intel so that both parties can choose wisely on everything from product range, pricing strategy and brand building initiatives. Clear marketing plans and costings can be derived from the collected data to optimize profits for both parties.

B. For our customers.

Whether it is for B2B or B2C customers, we bring in quality products and go the extra mile to bundle and package our products so that economies of scale can be enjoyed even in small orders. With certain conditions met, we can supply the high amount for the right price.

The 3 Rs are:

1. Real-time data (via free-market survey & an ‘incubation’ business model.

With support from our strategic partners, we can assist our partners on the cross-border logistics, clearance of all regulatory processes and conduct complimentary market research to optimize product acceptance and sales potential even before the full load arrives to our shores. For partners who need more convincing on market viability, we have an incubation model which allows their products to gain quick market entry and low costs where we use cost-effective e-commerce platforms to list their products and build on brand awareness. By then, we as distributors can identify products of choice the will give us the best profits and our partners get brand exposure and a good idea on how to work with us on pricing, profit sharing and marketing efforts going forward.

2. Recurring orders and maximizing on cross border logistics cost

With an active engagement & a willingness to explore new products, we will allow mixed lot sales and adjust constantly to ensure recurring buys will focus on high-running products while keeping opportunities open to try new products regularly. We will advise on the packaging and sizing to ensure higher appeal. This will allow our partners to optimize their R&D efforts as they develop new products. By actively supporting in the consolidation efforts, we can help bring down logistics costs.

3. Resonating Quality, Integrity & safety

We source far & wide looking for value for money products that do not compromise on quality. A key focus is to work directly with producers/ manufacturers with strong local heritage, especially with family-owned businesses. By focusing on SME s, we often find more unique offerings, higher levels of flexibility, and adaptability to foreign market requirements. Also, there is a more personal connection to what they produce and we see a strong link to pride in their products with the quality of their goods and the integrity of their production practices.

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